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UNDER THE MONKEYPOD TREE                        a novel

When a woman who's lost everything arrives on the island of Maui to claim an unexpected inheritance, she soon realizes there is a dark side to paradise. UNDER THE MONKEYPOD TREE takes you on a journey of Hawaiian myth, mystery, and murder. 


The Hawaiian tenet of kokua means extending care to others for their benefit and not for personal gain, a spirit of generosity and self-sacrifice, and a desire to help one another.   


Cover art by Kai Alegre. 


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PAPERDOLLS ~ a novel

Sage Benefield lives with her mother and identical triplet sisters Olive and Jade. Sage is sensible, Olive is sweet, and Jade is a serial killer who murders men for sport, forcing her sisters to bury the bodies. Sage’s efforts to stop Jade from killing again not only go wrong, but they also put her family in danger. When Mother confesses a dark secret, Sage understands why her fractured life is unraveling. Outrageous barbarism and laugh-out-loud commentary make Paperdolls a novel to remember.   


PAPERDOLLS is currently under contract with Marisa Corvisiero of the Corvisiero Literacy Agency. 

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